JRoots Testimonials

‘Having seen JRoots trips in action on numerous occasions with groups of Jews visiting Poland… I can vouch for the commitment, professionalism and educational quality of your tours.’
Rabbi Michael Schudrich – Chief Rabbi of Poland

'Chazon UK led the JRoots Poland trip for Hasmonean 6th form during July 2008. The entire programme from planning and preparation, to inspiration and organisation was led employing the highest forms of professionalism. Every single member of the trip, pupils and staff alike, returned home stimulated and very well educated in all matters with regard to Poland and motivated to strive forward on their mission in life.'
Mrs J Nemeth. Principal Hasmonean Girls School

'An opportunity arose to visit Poland with JRoots and the inestimable Tzvi Sperber and Naftali Schiff and I decided now is the time to go. The experience was as at once both as distressing and mind numbing as I had feared - maybe more so. And yet...the experience....has left me feeling much stronger, at least for now. And even though my family stayed at home it seems to have strengthened them as well. It is something I had to do and it is something I hope to do again.'
Mr. Adrian Cohen, Clifford Chance (JRoots trip to Poland)

‘I am eternally grateful to JRoots for the opportunity to reflect on still being alive today and lay our Jewish Roots once again… I will never forget’
Antony M – JRoots Poland Participant

'I was not sure what to expect from the trip and admit to having dreaded it as departure approached. The trip left a lasting impression with a positive final message. When Zvi and Naftali lead their next trip, I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone.
Brilliantly led by Tzvi Sperber and Naftali Schiff, our small group of twenty from HGSS, Highgate and Manchester visited Auschwitz, Krakow, Tarnow, Lublin, Maydenek, Treblinka, the Warsaw Ghetto and the grave of Rebbe Elimelech.'
Mr. Bernard Fromson - JRoots - Hampstead Garden Suburb Group

‘The recent trip to Poland was one that will be imprinted in my memory for many years to come. As well as visiting concentration camps where so many innocent Jews and non-Jews were killed, I was uplifted by some of the historic and cultural places we passed, illustrating the vibrant Jewish history in Poland. The organisers, JRoots, and in particular Tzvi Sperber, supplemented the tour with a guide full of knowledge, enthusiasm and humour - ensuring that we returned home with enhanced knowledge of events and also the thirst to learn more about our history and the impact of the holocaust.'
Mr. Ivan Ezekiel of JRoots trip to Poland’

Thank you so much for everything - the trip was fantastic and meaningful. Everyone appreciated everything and Rabbi Rubinstein was amazing. Your organisation and help made sure everything ran smoothly and I want to thank you for that.
I hope we can do another trip soon.
Rabbi Yossi Jacobs
Chief Minister, Birmingham Hebrew Congregation

I had no idea the impact Poland could have on me and I never thought I'd come back feeling rejuvenated and inspired. I can safely say that the strong emotions and connection I felt was down to Tzvi. His energy, passion, and most of all his unbelievable wealth of knowledge is truly amazing. Tzvi is not a tour guide, he's an inspirational leader who manages to portray the richness of life and sadness of death in such an unbelievable way that it made the trip I was dreading, into an experience I'll never forget.
Michelle Levy, Israel Community Trip, March 2014

Though many will not find it easy to take the time out from daily-life to make this journey, those who do will return energised, inspired and proud to be part of our incredible Jewish people and will also be better prepared to face the challenges of "normal" life with renewed appreciation and vigour.
Debbie Friedman, Israel Community Trip, March 2014

I went to Poland with a blank canvas and had no expectations. I now sit here with my eyes open to what took place and existed in Poland pre and during the Shoah.

My eyes however would not be open without your incredible and insightful knowledge and understanding of what took place. You put everything across in such a powerful and beautiful way and to hear all the stories of the survivors just made everything more real.

I also went to Poland to learn as much as possible so that I could then relay what happened to my kids, friends and family. Even though there is still a lot more to learn, I now feel confident to pass on the message of the Shoah to all that I know. Thank you very much for your guidance and support on this trip.

Eli Kosiner, SEED,November 2013

Every single participant walked away with a feeling of being given the highest level information in the clearest & most engaging fashion.
Rabbi Bentzy Schechter, D4D, November 2014

He had the most incredible experience and I know it has touched him deeply. He can’t stop speaking highly enough about Zvi and all the leaders. Thank you to you all for putting on such an inspirational trip where it has made Toby and I am sure others reflect on what they have and take so much for granted.
Parent of a participant on Tribe Poland, October 2014

Hasmonean High School has successfully collaborated with JRoots for over 6 years to ensure that our sixth form students have the ultimate experience during their Heritage trip to Poland. From the exceptional logistical organisation, communication and support provided by the office staff to the extraordinary abilities of the educators who lead the trip we cannot praise the JRoots team enough. Hundreds of our students have been impacted positively by JRoots and we recommend them to any organisation wishing to embark on a JRoots journey.
Mrs Rachel Fink, Headteacher, Hasmonean High School for Girls (London)