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Shuva 9-14 August 2017

Prague NETZACH Edgware Journey
Friday 8th - Sunday 10th September 2017

Rabbi Halberstadt Pre Yomim Noraim Journey to Lithuania
10-11 September 2017

An Exclusive Journey to Poland
10th - 12th September 2017

Poland Community Trip
29th-31st October 2017

Klal-Chazon Journey to Poland for the Kehilla
5-6 November

Nishmas Women Journey to Poland
5-6 November

Israel Community Journey to Poland
8-12 November 2017

Lev Hatorah
17-21 December 2017

Borehamwood and Elstree United Synagogue Journey To Poland
21st -22nd January 2018

Brondesbury Park Journey to Poland
28th -29th January 2018

31st January - 4th February 2018

Return to Morocco Community Trip
5th - 8th February 2018

Hendon Adas Portugal Trip
Bank Holiday Weekend
6th May - Tuesday 8th May 2018