אמונתך בלילות – “Your Faithfulness in the Night”

“I felt the hand of G-d on me at all times,” says Leah Kaufman.

She is one of twelve Holocaust survivors whose testimony is recorded here.

In the face of the ultimate expression of man’s inhumanity to man, the most surprising thing is that some Jews managed to keep their faith.

This is their incredible story.

“Bobby’s Story”

Eva Neumann was a Hungarian girl of fifteen when she got off the cattle trucks to find herself amid the mayhem of Auschwitz concentration camp.

“All of a sudden, I am standing in a group and my mother wasn’t there. And my brothers weren’t there. Nobody was there. I was on my own. And that was it. I never saw them again.”

“Pearls of Wisdom”

“As long as you give, you live.”

Pearl Benisch is a witness to history, a Holocaust survivor whose faith and the legacy of a great teacher sustained her in the darkest times.